Name: Colorado City, AZ
Contact: Town Clerk
(928) 875-2646
Address: Post Office Box 70, 86021
Collection By: Department of Revenue
Sales Tax %: 1; 2; Rates Vary (effective 3/1/16)
Use Tax %: 1; 2 (effective 9/1/91)
ADOR City Tax Rates: Web Page
Interest Rate %/month: Same as state
License Fee: $2.00
Length of License: Permanent
Criminal Penalty: Class 1
Date Code Effective: 4-1-88
Chapter #: 12

Amendments or Special Provisions:

1. Amusement, Hotels, Hotel/Motel (Additional Tax), Restaurant and Bars, and Communications increased from two percent (2.0%) to seven percent (7.0%), effective 3/1/16.

2. Advertising and Retail Sales increased from two percent (2.0%) to three percent (3.0%), effective 3/1/16.

3. Contracting-Prime, Contracting-Speculative Builders, Contracting-Owner Builders, Job Printing, Manufactured Buildings, Timbering and Other Extraction, Publication, Residential Rental, Leasing, & Licensing for Use, Commercial Rental, Leasing, & Licensing for Use, Rental Occupancy, Rental, Leasing, & licensing for Use of Tangible Personal Property, Transporting, Utilities, Use Tax will remain at two percent (2.0%), effective 3/1/16.

4. Severance-Metal Mining will remain at one tenth of one percent (.10%), effective 3/1/16.

5. Town of Colorado City - Notice of Tax Forgiveness on Residential & Commercial Rentals. Please click on link ( Town of Colorado City - Tax Forgiveness for Residential & Commercial Rentals ) for more information.